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Absolute Nutrition Watershed
Super Diuretic Tablet to Reduce Bloating!

Our bodies are over two-thirds water so it is safe to say that we cannot eliminate water completely from them. Often however, we retain more water than we need. There are ways to get rid of excess water including cutting salt and exercising. In addition, drinking enough water so your body does not think it is deprived will help eliminate excess water. However, if you want to get rid of excess water fast, there is really only one way, and that ... 

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... way is using diuretics.
Unfortunately, most diuretics come with side effects. They can deplete your body of potassium and they can raise your heart rate. They can also leave you dehydrated. However, there is one diuretic that does not have these side effects. Its name is Watershed. All of the ingredients in this product are natural so it helps rid the body of excess water but does not cause any of the problems associated with diuretics.
While diuretics are most commonly used for hypertension, body builders also use them during competition. They use them to gain an edge in competition, especially at the elite level. The objective of the competition is to show off muscle development and any excess fluid can ruin this effect. Just a little water retention can mean the difference between first place and walking away empty handed. Therefore, bodybuilders often take a diuretic just prior to competition. This product is ideal for body builders since they can buy it without a prescription and if used properly, it should not have a detrimental effect on their health.
In conclusion, if you are retaining excess water before you next competition consider using Watershed to rid yourself of this extra weight.

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