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Anabolic Designs Vasquez Stack: Bullk & Matador Anabolic Designs
Vasquez Stack: Bullk & Matador

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MATADOR is the latest cutting edge physique definition agent from Anabolic Designs. Containing no stimulants or prohormones, Matador testers are nonetheless reporting serious increases in lean gains, fat reduction, vastly improved muscle pumps during workouts, with long term vascularity and an all round muscle fullness. We designed MATADOR to help you achieve a fuller yet leaner physique at the same time! With perhaps the most advanced Glucose disposal agent ever released it can aid in you achieving lower body fat storage and a greater nutrient drive to the muscles.

Insulin is the Master Key:
Whether it comes to having big full anabolic muscle mass, or reducing fat storage signalling to get completely ripped, the hormone you need to be looking at is insulin and how the body handles glucose. Let's take a look at this powerful signalling hormone and how it works in our body.

Whenever you digest carbohydrates, they are broken down into glucose in the small intestines. A small amount may be used with ATP synthesis for immediate energy but the majority will tend to be directed by Insulin for storage purposes. Where and how it gets stored can be critical to how you look, feel and your general health. Some Glucose will be transported and stored as glycogen in the liver and your hard worked muscle mass, the rest will be transferred as a triglyceride and add to your unwanted body fat stores. Now we know why insulin is a double-edged sword! Without Glucose getting sent to muscles you'll never have full muscles, good pumps, vascularity or decent energy levels - but insulin is also going to be responsible for how much body fat you acquire from the food you need to eat to grow.

Now if you've noticed the growing obesity epidemic around you and have a bit of knowledge you'll also be aware of ‘insulin sensitivity'. For individuals with highly sensitive insulin, your body will only need to release a little insulin to get the job done and keep the glucose circling where it's needed most. Unfortunately, foods laden with carbohydrate and various other unhealthy food options can begin to make us ‘insulin resistant' - insulin release becomes greater and greater with less effect and body-fat triglyceride storage ramps up, not to mention a slew of other possible negative health effects.

This is where MATADOR steps in.

Imagine taking that double edged sword and wielding it for your own good! Maximizing the anabolic drive into the muscles whilst minimizing the overspill into body-fat. Controlling insulin sensitivity and disposing of glucose with minimal need for insulin release. Protecting against oxidative stress and other related inflammation side effects of insulin resistance. MATADOR uses 8 research driven, all natural ingredients, stacked together in the perfect ratios to give you maximum performance. MATADOR is designed to suit both your gaining and leaning phases and offers support regardless of your primary physique goal.

Many supplements have existed before with the intention of taming the insulin charge but few have been as comprehensive, well designed, correctly dosed and tested in the real world as Anabolic Designs MATADOR and we're proud to say this may be one of the most advanced all round products we've ever brought out. We've taken the guesswork out of a whole host of supplements and perfected the Glucose Disposal Agent so you can enjoy a leaner, fuller, more pumped and defined body than ever before.

Insudrive Blend: R-isomer ALA, Gymnema Sylvestre 4:1

R-ALA - is an active isomer of Lipoic Acid and is easily synthesized and metabolized by the body. It is twice as effective as normal ALA. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that is soluble in both fat and water. It serves as a co-enzyme in the energy production within the bodies cells and contributes to mental and physical energy and in turn aids in the reduction of muscle fatigue. This ingredient is usually supplemented for the uses below :- Helps promote and maintain normal healthy glucose levels; Aids in the production of energy inside the cell by utilising sugar to produce energy and so contributes to physical and mental energy; Helps promote and maintain healthy blood fat levels; Not only acts as a powerful antioxidant but also stimulates the production of glutathione and so gives the cells a double dose of antioxidant- It inhibits glycation which is responsible for the acceleration of tissue damage.

Gymnema Sylvestre - The active ingredient within Gymnema Sylvestre is gymnemic acid which can help lower and maintain blood sugar levels. The acid's molecules are very similar to the glucose molecule and so is allowed to fill up the cells receptors within the lining of the intestines thus competitively preventing the uptake of sugar molecules. Gymnema Sylvestre is also believed to reduce sugar cravings and when taken with a high carb or high sugar meal it aids the body by passing through sugars and making carbs available for burning reducing the amount available to be sent into fat stores. This would in turn act as an aid in building lean muscle mass.

Glycoform Blend - Cinnamon bark, Fenugreek, Bitter Melon, Prickly Pear, Banaba, 4-HydroxyIsoleucine

Cinnamon Bark - Is traditionally used as a spice but due to its health benefits it is now finding its way into many herbal remedies and is a recognised fore-runner in many natural health practices. It is able to aid in the recovery from a number of ailments along with boosting overall health. It helps support the digestive system functioning by aiding with breaking down fats and making digestion smoother and more comfortable. It has been used in Chinese medicine as a natural stimulant as it has thermogenic properties and so is used to aid in weight management. Cinnamon Bark can also help lower and maintain blood sugar levels and so help the body fight against insulin resistance.

Fenugreek - Contains a whole host of nutrients including proteins, potassium, niacin and Vitamin C along with alkaloids and saponins. It can aid in the regulation of blood sugar levels alongside helping reduce elevated cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels whilst still maintaining HDL levels. It is also reported by many users to have some weight management properties as it helps support glucose and carbohydrate metabolism.

Bitter Melon - Is a fruit that is a rich source of Vitamins, minerals, fibre and also a phyto-constituent called Charantin that has blood sugar (glucose) lowering properties. The Bitter Melon has many health benefits including:- Helps improve energy and stamina levels- Helps improve glucose tolerance without increasing blood insulin levels- Aids in improving the immune system- Helps cleanse the liver and blood of toxins

Prickly Pear - Is a cactus fruit and is another beneficial ingredient in blood sugar lowering, helping with glucose tolerance. The prickly pear provides blood sugar-lowering effects by protecting the liver from oxidation and improving insulin sensitivity along with aiding in the control of blood sugar levels by preventing glucose release from the liver, particularly while fasting.

Banaba - The active compound in Banaba is Corosolic Acid which naturally decreases cravings for carbohydrates and sugars and can help maintain blood sugar levels and in weight management.

4-HydroxyIsoleucine - May amplify carbohydrate-induced insulin secretion and so supplements containing 4-HydroxyIsoleucine can allow you to load up on nutrient stores at a cellular level. These can include mass building compounds such as creatine, carbohydrates and protein. Also it may also increase the receptivity of muscle cells to insulin and so increase nutrient storage in muscles while deterring storage to fat cells.

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