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This Nutritional Supplement company believes that their products can give athletes what they need to reach their full potential. They offer the products that Athletes require to take care of their nutritional needs such as, stay nourished during workouts, burn excess fat, and recover faster after workouts. Sports nutrition expert Zef Eisenberg founded the company in 1995. Since then, professional and amateur athletes alike have been using their products in their training to enhance their nutritional needs.

Products are Offered in the Following Categories:
Size and Strength- The sport of boxing and other various sports require an athlete to weigh a certain amount to qualify within their weight class for competition. It is important to train in a way that can prevent loss of the muscle tissue, weaker immune system or a slower recovery time. The Promax, Promax Extreme, Promax Meal bars, Cyclone, HMB-1000, Protrient, and ZMA products offered help the athlete who needs to keep these important factors in mind as they train.

Lean Definition- This category is for the athletes and non-athletes alike, to aid them to lose that extra body fat and help achieve a leaner body. Maximuscle offer the products CLA-1000, Thermobol, Promax Diet bars, Viper, Promax and Promax Diet to help achieve their goals.

High Protein- Enhancing muscle definition and losing fat are essential in an athlete's training. The products Promax Meal bar, promax or Promax Extreme, Thermobol, and Maxi-EFA all help to raise the protein levels of their diet and help to prevent the muscle breakdown between training sessions.

Energy and Recovery- Musclemax has developed these products to help the athlete, enhance their energy and replenish what their body lost during their workouts. The products' Viper Active Powder and Gels, Recovermax, Promax, Viper Boost as a drink, bar or as capsules, is the solution to this problem. These products also help in keeping mentally focused.

Cutting Edge-This special category is for athletes who need that extra boost of endurance and four bodybuilders, who will not to take their performance to higher levels. The products Fenutest, Pump up NO2, Maxipower, can help them achieve their goals quickly. Some athletes who have used these products have gone on to break records.

Maximuscle emphasizes that their nutritional supplements along with a proper diet, staying hydrated, proper training regiment, and allowing time for the body to recover, the athlete will benefit the most from their products.

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