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Muscle Warfare

Muscle Warfare is fanatically driven by the desire to provide "real" science based products and training protocols that deliver incomparable results for our athletes. They continue to perform the most relevant scientific reviews, pilots and published studies, beta testing results, research articles that help formulate their product line. They search for the latest scientific breakthroughs and facts so that you can make educated choices about which products to incorporate into your training regimes and future technologies to look out for. Their trainers are the best in the world at their respective crafts!

Whether you are a bodybuilder, baseball player, football player, golfer, surfer... whatever sport you play... Muscle Warfare wants to help you develop more functional power, endurance and athleticism that you have ever had before!

In Muscle Warfare's unrelenting quest for "real world results" from their products, they created a top quality 7500 sq ft. elite athletic training center that houses many of the top trainers and athletes in the country. They have trainers who specialize in strength and conditioning, MMA, Jiui-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing and other athletic training protocol. Utilizing this unique environment to develop our products for extreme accuracy in a real world setting. Through intensive research, testing, retesting and a commitment to excellence, Muscle Warfare is committed to developing the absolute highest quality products in the industry.

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