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All American EFX Kre-Alkalyn EFX All American EFX
Kre-Alkalyn EFX

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Kre-Alkalyn is "buffered creatine" that does not convert into creatinine prior to reaching skeletal muscle tissue. Kre-Alkalyn is a nutritional supplement that comes in powder form. It is packaged in a purple caplet that can be administered orally. Kre-Alkalyn is manufactured by All American Pharmaceutical Corporation and is registered under United States patent 6,399,661. Kre-Alkalyn is believed to have the benefits of regular creatine, without the associated side-effects of creatine monohydrate use. The efficacy and safety of creatine monohydrate is well established in scientific literature and thus Kre-Alaklyn is believed to have the same ergogenic abilities and safety profile.

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5.5 out of 10
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Product (5.5)

03-04-2015 11:02:02
I have used this product with great success in the past, it is nice because it works very fast and does not require a loading period or cause undesired water retention which is usually accompanied with a lower quality creatine monohydrate.

It does not have to be dosed very high therefore you are not required to pop many pills.

This has been the best overall creatine along with creapure for helping me shift more weight in my gym routines.

A great investment for a high quality great absorbing form of creatine 10/10 great value for a top notch product that provides results fast.


28-09-2014 17:53:43
I don't know how it is with others, but this product didn't do a single thing with me. I took them as labeled. Just no effect at all. It had on the bottle that it has higher pH level than other creatines and something and it would absorb very well and does not get water into your muscles. But unfortunately I did not feel any of that. Maybe I did something totally wrong or my body just doesn't react to it. Good luck though.

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737 Kre-Alkalyn EFX, 750mg - 240 caps

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