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Optimizes Strength, Enhances Endurance, & Accelerates Recovery

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A professional strength Creatine complex that uses four of the most advanced forms available to fuel muscle growth, increase strength, and accelerate recovery.

Creatine is used in intense weight training and endurance activities to fuel your body to push harder, go faster, and recover quicker. Creatine stimulates lean muscle mass, acts as a support system to prevent against muscle breakdown, and aids in muscle recovery.

Creature is a blend of four top quality types of Creatine. Creapure brand Creatine is imported from Germany utilizing a patented manufacturing process, Creatine MagnaPower is made up of Creatine and Magnesium bound to form Magnesium Creatine Chelate, Creatine AKG is Creatine bound to Alpha-keto-glutaric Acid, and Creatine Anhydrous is Creatine with the water molecule removed. Custom picked, these ingredients are a higher purity and will get absorbed into the body quicker to prevent bloating and intestinal discomfort. Creature also includes Vanadium Citrate to assure maximum uptake directly to the muscle cells.

Creature is a core part of any training program to keep you fit and strong.

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9.8 out of 10
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05-03-2015 17:07:58
It is a great creatine supplement and has great quality for money compared with the other competitors. Using this, I felt a longer, more intense boost in my workout that lasted throughout the rest of my day. I usually take 2 full scoops a day and have notice a great difference in my strength and focus. The taste of this product is great and mixes well with almost anything. I highly recommend this product.

19-10-2014 16:51:49
Creatine for me is one of them things, its either a hit or a miss. and in most cases its a miss. i have tried the standard creatine mono but i think i am one of them "non responders" as all it did for me was make me go toilet... constantly. i have tried many products. i normally fgo for kre alkalyn as thats the only one that seems to work for me !. i Bought this product because THE HODGE TWINS (youtube) said it was great, and wowww it sure is. i take it before the gym and after with my shake and on rest days i have it in the morning and in the evening. after about a week of this stuff i seen crazy improvements to my lifting and i have been gyming for a while and can tell the difference between a placebo effect and if something is actually working.

ive just ordered my next tub !! cant wait !!

17-10-2014 13:26:12
Please see my review dated 20.04.2012

I have used this product on and off since 2012. One if not one of the top best creatine products! No loading/maintance required. Prefer powdered form. Why? Faster absorption into your small intestines. Timing is critical for post workout. I now use unflavored with my post protein shake & carb shake. Still a 10/10 :)

06-10-2014 19:48:27
I do track and field and creatine is one of the must have supplements. I haven't found the the ONE, but this one here comes pretty close. I almost always take pills, for me it's very convenient and this one here offers me great results too. I don't take 3+3 caps per day. I take 2+2 and it helps me a lot. It gives my power to jump and speed to run. For me is very important that I do not gain weight with water and with this creatine I don't. I may stick with it. I recommend this.

08-11-2013 13:01:00
really effective creatine and i find in capsule form it is just more convenient to have in my stack.

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Additional description

CREATure is a dietary supplement manufactured by Beast Sports Nutrition for muscle-training and endurance activities. It blends four high-quality types of Creatine, which supports the natural replenishment of energy reserves. This makes CREATure a professional-level combination of Creapure, MagnaPower, Creatine AKG, and Creatine Anhydrous. Each version of Creatine is purified and customized to maximize absorption into the body's systems; the processes speed Creatine delivery and avoid digestive difficulties such as bloating and intestinal discomfort which can interfere with a serious workout. Thus, this blend is ideal for taking just before and after a high-performance workout set.

Creatine is both created in the body and obtained through food sources such as meat and fruit. It is a compound that supplies energy to muscles. It is both produced naturally in the human body and found in food sources, primarily meat. Creatine helps regenerate energy for muscles by restoring the levels of ATP, the primary source of fuel for muscles.

CREATure combines multiple Creatine versions. Creapure is a Germany-imported brand of Creatine made with a patented, secret manufacturing process to assure the highest purity. Creatine AKG binds Creatine to Alpha-keto-glutaric Acid to help reduce Ammonia toxicity levels. MagnaPower is a specially formulated brand Magnesium Creatine Chelate which provides energy with optimal absorption. The last member of the blend is Creatine Anhydrous, which is Creatine Monohydrate with the water molecule removed, a purified type of Creatine. Additionally, Vanadium Citrate assures uptake of the blend directly to the muscle cells.

CREATure is a high-quality complex of advanced Creatines, blended to fuel muscle growth, increase strength, and accelerate recovery; it is an ideal part of any workout.

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60 Servings
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£19.85 on £250+ orders
993 Creature - 180 caps

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