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Mega-Pro's passion for developing innovative, high-quality sports nutrition and diet products has made it one of the leading manufacturers in the field, both nationally and internationally. Established in 1985, Mega-Pro has been an integral part of the sports and healthcare market and a good-standing member of the National Foods Association since 1990.

The professionals at Mega-Pro scrutinize critical research in order to develop and market the most effective products available. Arriving at reasonably priced supplements while maintaining optimal quality, these products have been formulated with specific goals in mind, which include boosting lean muscle mass, losing body fat, improving general health, and increasing strength, tone, and energy. World-class athletes among many other satisfied customers attest to the quality, integrity, and price that make Mega-Pro International the most recognized and sought-after name in performance nutrition.

Mega-Pro Internationals operating policy is, educate consumers and provide the most effective products at the best price possible. Mega-Pro's company motto sums it up: Results Matter.

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