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Nature's Best

Natures Best are serious about the science behind supplements and so only include nutrients in the formulas at relevant levels. This means at levels that will make a significant contribution to a normal diet, or in the case of herbs a level that is supported by scientific studies.

Some customers have no measure of what constitutes a relevant level for a particular nutrient. That's because there is a huge difference in scale between different nutrients. For example, a relevant dose of Vitamin B12 is 1μg (microgram), but for Vitamin B1 it is 1mg (milligram).

The levels look similar but there is actually a 1000 times difference between a microgram and a milligram. But customers cannot be misled when the nutrient is a vitamin or mineral, because the percentage of the RDA (recommended daily amount) has to be listed on the label, and so there is a clear indication of potency.

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