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Wild West

Beef Jerky is - strips of lean top round steak, cured, smoked and flavoured. Moist and mouth watering.

African tribes too have dried meat in the sun to preserve it. The cured meat was and still is in some parts vital to sustain the tribes throughout the leaner months. This traditional food is now known as "Biltong" and is also eaten around the world. It tends to have a shorter shelf life and be less versatile than jerky.

These days, apart from tasting great, jerky is useful for all sorts of outdoor pursuits because it doesn't melt like chocolate, crush like crisps or turn in to mush like sandwiches. Yachtsmen use jerky as a source of meat that doesn't need a fridge. Bodybuilders like the low fat, high protein content. Kayakers, hillwalkers and anglers like it because it's delicious, lightweight and nutritious.

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