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Grenade Thermo Detonator Grenade
Thermo Detonator

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Grenade is a revolutionary thermogenic and pre workout motivator. Suitable for men and women, Grenade is rapidly becoming an essential supplement for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Ranging from recreational gym members to professional athletes, avid Grenade users rave about the results both as a weight management system and pre workout energizer. When used synergistically with a sensible diet and exercise programme, Grenade can increase your energy levels, mobilize fat and help you achieve the body you have always desired.

How Grenade Works
Grenade Thermo Detonator is a weight-management product that combines perfectly with your high-protein, calorie controlled diet and exercise routine to “declare war on fat”!

Grenade combines the highest quality, maximum potency ingredients to help support a metabolic rate and a level of appetite that could naturally support fat metabolism and weight management. With a massive 500mg of Green Tea extract per serving, Grenade packs just about the biggest punch in the industry with regard to this proven ingredient. Carefully processed green tea extracts contain specific levels of molecules called “catechins” - these are chemical polyphenols that have been shown to have positive effects on body weight and measurements and to have strong antioxidant and health-supportive properties.

Of particular interest is the catechin “epigallocatechin gallate”, which has been extensively clinically studied in several scientific studies and is probably the most important legal, natural molecule in the war on fat!

Again, not scrimping on expensive, high-quality ingredients, Grenade delivers the highest Bitter Orange Peel levels of any major weight management product on the market! Why only use a sprinkling of effective ingredients, when you can deliver the goods with a proper dose? A full 420mg of Bitter Orange - also known as Citrus Aurantium, which naturally contains synephrine and octopamine - has been deployed. Most people who've been around the block know that this stuff packs a punch! Specifically, synephrine and octopamine have subtle effects on the hormone norepinephrine (among others) and this is believed to be the body's most important hormone in support of fat oxidation (using fat for energy).

Caffeine Anhydrous has also been added, for its well-known ability to liberate fat from fat cells, further allowing its use as energy.

Cayenne is a specific form of hot pepper extract, which has a well-known and researched effect on the feeling of heat production in the body and the essential amino acid phenylalanine is added as it may support thyroid function to maintain metabolic activity. Finally, Green Coffee, due to its unique cross section of active constituents such as chlorogenic acid, could also support the weight management process.

We believe that this makes the Grenade formula just about as powerful as it can possibly be while maintaining its classification as a food supplement and without crossing the line into having significant drug-like effects. So if you want the highest and most potent dosages of the most important weight loss support ingredients all in one product, no product declares war on fat like Grenade!

Customer Review

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8.9 out of 10
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Product (8.9)

16-09-2015 10:46:10
Ok so grenade as people know is a well known brand and has earnt a good reputation on the market. This product is intact like a double edge sword. The reason being is that yea it does give you that pump that so many of us need before the workouts but yet at wat cost. Other than that taste is good and good price

03-04-2015 16:20:39
This is an effective fat burner which i have used with great success on cuts in the past, i like the fact that Grenade have provided the doses of the individual ingredients in a serving rather than hiding behind a proprietary blend. This suppressed my appetite quite well helping to eliminate hunger pains and provided me with a clean long lasting energy boost without any jitters or major crash which i have experienced with some other fat burning products and pre workout products.

To help burn stubborn body fat on the lower abs and hips this product works well in combination with low intensity steady state cardio performed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, make sure that you supplement with a BCAA product to prevent muscle catabolism.

It can also be used with great effect when performing sessions of high intensity interval cardio to give you an extra boost of energy.

10/10 a solid well dosed effective fat burner that will help you meet your fat loss goals when used in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet and suitable workout regime.


17-03-2015 13:25:41
I haven't actually tried or used a grenade branded supplement and been disappointed with it, this one was not any different. Although this product did make me feel a little bit sick in my stomach but wasn't anything major that I couldn't deal with. The fat burner made me sweat quite a bit but that's a sign of the supplement working. I lost a fair amount of fat on this product and would reccomend it to anyone

05-11-2014 10:06:13
It isn't a bad fat burner, I was taking two capsules a day and I didn't this for about two weeks, with a good diet and a little bit more cardio I was starting to notice some good differences, however I had stop using this product as it gave me nasty side effects.

At first I just felt nauseous all day till I fell asleep and then again when I woke up, then I started to develop a heavy headache which was extremely painful but because I was so happy with the changes to my body I put up with it. Then I started being sick on the odd occasion I can't say for sure that it was this product and not something I was eating or something, but I stopped using it, and switched to Arnold's iron cuts, which personally I feel is a much better fat burner. It has no massive side effects but it has massive effects on your fat, if your looking for a fat burner I highly HIGHLY recommend Arnold's iron cuts

29-09-2014 20:53:37
I have had many samples of that and it's a nice pre-workout. First of all it needs time to get used to it. I got stomach burns or something like that, when I took them before training without some other food. When I ate something too it was fine. I usually took them just before training as an energy kick, not as a fat burner in the morning. It has a lot of caffeine in it, so I can't take it all the time, my heart gets crazy. But for who can it's a great pre-workout supplement and I believe a great fat burner too.

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