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MuscleGel is packaged in a portable convenient gel pack, that makes it easy to consume on the go, without the use of liquids or mixing.

Throw a few Gel-Packs in your gym bag, lunch bag or purse for an easy, high-protein, low-calorie, sugar-free meal supplement. MuscleGel can be ingested without water, so it's easy to consume, even in extreme and unusual circumstances. ProFusion gel technology enhances the absorption and utilization of each nutrient. The ingredients are ready, available and packed with all the sheer supplemental power and good taste you've been waiting for.

MuscleGel is specifically designed to supply 22 grams of the highest quality protein available in an incredible-tasting, rapidly absorbing format using ProFusion gel solution. Use MuscleGel in place of any protein food choice on your healthy nutritional program. MuscleGel is perfect for every body. Men or women, athletes or sedentary individuals, we all need protein. MuscleGel is the purest, fastest-absorbing, incredibly-tasting protein food supplement available ... MuscleGel is fast, convenient protein on the go!

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9.9 out of 10
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Paul R

11-08-2015 23:10:29
These muscle gel packs make for a great fast easy to transport and consume form of protein, they are ideal if you live a hectic life style and workout out and about and do not need to be carrying your meals around with you in plastic storage containers.

The taste of this product is quite pleasing and not over sickly making regular consumption an ease not a chore like with some other rival products.

I also do not have any stomach discomfort and like the fact that these can replace a protein shake which would require for me to consume and extra min of 200-300 ml of water or milk.

I give these 5/5 because they have a nice taste to them and are so easy to use when you do not have access to a solid meal, they are also quite versatile and can be added to another food source such as carbs such as oat meal or toast to bump up the protein content if you require additional macro nutrients in you diet.


24-02-2015 12:48:55
The taste was amazing, left your tongue tingly..Easy to take to the gym quickly rip open and enjoy the taste! Little pricey to be taking 1 each day. A quick protein source without taking a full pint of protein shake. NO carbs no fat. Definitely recommended if you can afford keep buying these. I took this along with MP SHRED MATRIX and MP ARMOUR-V
ALL three flavors were nice, but probably the mango the nicer, and also recommended to store in the fridge for best taste!

03-08-2014 00:29:54
These Muscle gels are amazing!!! These are quicker and easier to take thank a shake. They do not bubble in your stomach like protein shake they are light, refreshing and nutritious. I heard a lot of negative reviews about the taste but I think they taste just fine, I am using the Lime flavour. People say they taste better when chilled in the fridge, I would not say so I would just say they are more refreshing cold after a workout. Each shot has a whopping 22 grams of protein with very low carbs and fat with 0 sugar. This is worth a buy, probably the best supplement I've ever had especially in terms of protein. No fuss just tear the top and enjoy. 100% worth it.

21-11-2012 14:31:00
This is a great idea for protein intake. It's a lot easier for me to throw these in my fridge at work instead of having to deal with the hassle of mixing a shake and having to clean a nasty protein-covered shaker every day.Taste is good, it tastes a like a Go-Gurt. That's about how I'd describe the product. It's expensive, sure, but you pay for the convenience of individually packaged protein.22 grams of protein in a small product (96 calories) is pretty good.

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Additional description

MuscleGel Shot is a revolutionary new way for athletes and everyone else to get the fuel they need. Specially designed for extreme athletes and their need for extra protein, Muscle Gel Shot helps to make sure that athletes and body builders are never at a loss for the all important muscle building and repairing protein.
The MuscleGel Shot is easily consumed on the go. Because of its gel form it does not require mixing with water or other liquids, which can be messy. The MuscleGel Shot is great for any situation where it would be difficult to stop and take a break but you still need energy. It's perfect for a mid race snack while biking a century or while mountain climbing or back packing.
MuscleGel Shot is a high protein, low calorie snack that has no sugar. It provides 22 grams of the highest quality protein and still tastes great. Because it is a gel and not a liquid Muscle Gel Shot is lightweight and can be tossed in just about any backpack, sport bag, briefcase or purse and taken anywhere. There is no need to worry about leaky bottles and messy spills.
The MuscleGel Shot also is great supplement for a weight-loss program. This low calorie snack contains no sugar and no fat and will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Combined with a comprehensive diet and exercise plan, you are sure to fill fit and energized while losing weight.The MuscleGel Shot is a no fuss, no mess snack that can replace any protein filled snack and leave you full and satisfied.

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12 packets

12 Servings
£1.49 per serving

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Key Lime

3202 MuscleGel Shot, Key Lime - 12 packets

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Tropical Mango

3203 MuscleGel Shot, Tropical Mango - 12 packets

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