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AAKG Extreme Mega Caps

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For the first time on the market, the highest quality AAKG in the currently highest dose of 1250 mg in one capsule. MEGA CAPS!

AAKG Extreme 1250 Mega Caps is perfect for stimulation of strength, mass growth and toughness. It can also be a "super booster" when combined with other building supplements, such as: Olimp Creatine, Olimp Kre-Alkalyn, Knockout, Olimp HMB.

AAKG Extreme in the form of an easily absorbed arginine alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG) supplements your diet with L-arginine.

Arginine is a nutritional element from which active biological compounds are formed in the body, namely nitric oxide (NO). They are important for figure shaping, developing functional capacity and preserving sexual performance. Arginine enables adequate blood, oxygen and nutrition supply to the muscular tissue, as well as facilitating muscle growth, adipose tissue reduction and erection.

A number of properly controlled clinical investigations have proved that 2g of arginine given to sportspeople over a period of 5 weeks, results in a substantial (in comparison to the control group) strength increase and growth of lean muscular mass, as well as a reduction of fat and protein decomposition products.

In this reaction, arginine is transformed into gas hormone - nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide triggers the production of cyclic nucleotides. In muscular tissue, cyclic nucleotides take part in blood circulation and oxygen, amino acids, creatine and energy elements distribution, as well as in generating strength impulses and protein anabolism. Thus, they stimulate strength increase and muscle growth. On the other hand, in fat cells, cyclic nucleotides intensify the processes of lipolysis and thermo genesis, that is the dissociation of spare fat cells which liberates thermal energy.
In this reaction, arginine is transformed into polyamines - essential for protein synthesis. Not only do polyamines build up muscle tissue with proteins, but they also produce new muscle cells! So, thanks to arginine (indirectly), we can achieve constant and permanent muscle growth.

Arginine is also transformed into creatine, which was not mentioned in the points above, because of the widespread accessibility of creatine supplements.

Arginine undergoes complete dissociation into carbon dioxide and water. This reaction is inhibited by an indirect metabolite of arginine - alpha ketoglutarate (AKG), which, coupled with arginine, gives AAKG - multiplying the activated form of this amino acid.

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9.0 out of 10
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12-11-2014 14:08:44
I bought these a month ago and used 9 Tablets a day 3 upon waking 3 before and 3 post workout.
I have tried many different aminos in the past but easy to swallow and you get used to them quickly.
Definitely worth the money 100% you will see great results recover quicker and be ready for the next workout.
Would recommend these to anyone who takes it seriously, BCAAs have made a huge difference to the way I can train.

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Additional description

AAKG Extreme Mega Caps are revolutionary in the way they transform the human body. The Mega caps are designed to strengthen muscle and encourage endurance. Arginine Alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG) is easily absorbed into the body and provides substantial benefits. Arginine is an important element because it encourages the production of ag matine and nitric oxide. These compounds are responsible for body shaping and sexual vigour. Arginine is also known to supply nutrition, blood and oxygen to muscles while also encouraging muscle growth.

Anyone that desires to increase muscle tone and strength would benefit greatly from the use of AAKG Mega Caps. More specifically various studies have shown that athletes who consume arginine experience an increase in the growth of lean muscle mass. Additionally the studies have concluded that arginine decreases fat and protein decomposition. These processes are important aspects of developing the ideal body.

The manner in which the fat and protein are decomposed transforms the arginine into the gas hormone known as nitric oxide. This particular gas produces cyclic nucleotides that are responsible for producing protein anabolism and strength impulses. Cyclic nucleotides are also responsible for blood circulation, oxygen and the distribution of creatine and energy elements. Additionally cyclic nucleotide play a crucial role in thermogenesis and lipolysis. These processes are responsible for the disassociation of unneeded fat cells which fees up thermal energy.

AAKG also allows arginine to become polyamines which is responsible for protein synthesis. Polyamines infuse muscle tissue with protein while also creating new muscle cells. Finally, arginine becomes ag matine a type of amino associated with thermogenics. ag matine is also associated with the creation of cyclic nucleotides. Indeed, AAKG Mega Caps have a unique way of encouraging sustained muscle growth.

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