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Trec Nutrition Dextrose Powder Trec Nutrition
Dextrose Powder

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- Fast-absorbable simple carbohydrates
- Improves the effectiveness of creatine
- Crystal clear powdered dextrose

DEXTROSE powder is a product containing pure dextrose (glucose) thanks to which it is possible to increase the energy balance of the body, consequently, its capacity and training resistance are improved. Dextrose belongs to the group of simple carbohydrates, as a result it is absorbed very quickly and it also stimulates the secretion of insulin which is one of the most important hormones with an anabolic effect. DEXTROSE powder may also be used for the supplementation of carbohydrates after the workout and as an efficient transporter of creatine and amino acids.

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10.0 out of 10
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01-04-2015 14:08:45
This is a great product for replenishing glycogen, dextrose has been around for years and is a cheap affordable simple carb that is great for spiking insulin to shuttle protein into the muscle along with any BCAA's and creatine post workout, it also works quickly and is fast absorbing. Some people prefer more advanced versions of carbohydrate supplements such as Cyclic Dextrins or Vitargo or even Waxy Maize Starch, personally i feel these products are best suited when approaching an event e.g. such as a bodybuilding competition or marathon where every minute detail counts.

For the off season bulking period this carb is perfect.

Due to me currently being in a state of Ketosis i will only use this on a carb up day towards the beginning of the day ending with slow release carbs such as oatmeal and whole wheat pasta to minimize spill over caused from carb loading.

5/5 Great Value Tried and Tested Carb Source, great for bulking and post workout glycogen replenishment.

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500 grams

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5008 Dextrose Powder - 500 grams

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