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Animal Flex
Helps Support Healthy Joints And Ligaments!

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Complete Joint & Ligament Support

Hardcore training gets results?size and strength gains, better endurance capacity, an improved physique. This extreme physical pursuit and the big weights involved also carry with them some negative consequences, most notably joint pain. Your mortal joints and tendons are stressed each training session by the massive amounts of weight and the numerous sets and reps performed in a typical hardcore workout. This constant pounding can take its toll on the body and over time, limit your ability to reach your potential.
Serious bodybuilders and strength athletes know how critical it is to consistently challenge themselves with heavier weights and increasing intensity. Ideally, they would be able to so without the constant fear of nagging injury and deteriorating joints. If your joints and cartilage are weakened, over the long term, your muscles will only be able to progress so far. This is where Animal Flex enters the equation.

Animal Flex is designed to help protect your joints from the continuous wear and tear brought about by weight training.

Each pack of Animal Flex consists of only the most powerful joint protection ingredients: (1) a potent regeneration complex to help repair connective tissue, (2) a lubrication complex to cushion the joints from heavy lifting, (3) a support complex to help promote rehabilitation and reduce soreness; and (4) a comprehensive nutrient support blend which supplies the cartilage and tendons with the proper nutrients for optimal joint health. Helping to supply the most effective and potent balance of joint nutrients available, Animal Flex is your armor against the rigors of iron warfare.

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07-12-2015 21:01:15
I bought this in hopes that it would help out my joints and help take away some discomfort; I work at a nickel mine, so there is a lot of wear and tear on my body, add in weightlifting and being a Dad of a young energetic son; well you get the picture. I ordered Animal Flex, along with a few other Animal products on December 1st and just let me say this, the products are living up to their statements and to many of the positive reviews. I am INCREDIBLY HAPPY with UNIVERSAL/ANIMAL

30-12-2014 20:20:41
A while ago my personal trainer put me on to this product, as I suffer from mild osteo-arthritis. The results were a pure revelation.

In fact, if I discontinue use of this product the osteo-affected joints in my fingers flare up in a matter of days and the pain can be quite intense - especially in poor weather. Once I pick up the supplement again the osteo syppmtoms disappear.

This has been such a bonus to my life and training that I advised my mother to take it (she suffers from very bad osteo-arthritis). She is a convert and, when she returns to the UK periodically, asks me to pick her up several canisters.

Great product...truly exceptional


22-11-2014 19:38:23
Very good joint supplement. It has made a noticeable difference to my knees, lower back, and shoulders. Granted I still make sure I warm up before workouts and constantly work on form while lifting. I stopped taking this for a month after I went through a can of Animal FLEX and I did feel a lot more joint stiffness. I started taking them again and I can tell the difference. It helps you definitely. Great product!

23-08-2014 16:23:38
I used to have very bad knee pains. That kind of pain which actually stopped me from doing squats. After I tried many different joint supplements I ended up staying with Animal Flex.

This is The Product which relieves pain even after a few days. This painrelief is something I have never experienced with any other products.

Now I am taking it every day for the last couple of months and I can squat again!

07-08-2014 18:03:20
I'm a long time user of Animal Flex and I use it to manage issues that I sometimes get with my wrists.

Due to my heavy computer use, I often get problems with my wrists (especially when doing arm exercises such as curls or tricep pushdowns). When I have these problems, I supplement Animal Flex a couple times and I'm back to normal after a day or so.

I consider this product essential, especially for the older athlete.

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